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Focused Impact: A Cost Effective Amazon Ad Campaign for ‘The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop’

Adjusting the Amazon ad strategy for “The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop” by Elizabeth Holland to fit a more cost effective budget requires strategic prioritization and more focused targeting. Here’s a revised project plan that operates within a budget range of $250 – $500 for the initial campaign phase.

1. Objective

To efficiently increase visibility and sales of “The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop” on Amazon, focusing on highly targeted audiences and cost-effective ad formats.

2. Target Audience

Narrow the target audience to those most likely to convert:

  • Women aged 30-45, fans of romance and vintage fashion.
  • Readers who have shown interest in similar genres or themes through their past purchases or browsing history on Amazon.

3. Budget Range

  • Total Budget: $250 – $500 for the initial 1-2 months.
  • Daily Spend: $8 – $15, with continuous monitoring and adjustments based on ad performance.

4. Ad Formats and Platforms

Concentrate on the most cost-effective ad formats:

  • Sponsored Products: Focus on high-intent keywords to maximize direct conversions.
  • Reduce emphasis on Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display due to their higher costs and focus resources on the most efficient format.

5. Keyword Strategy

  • Emphasize long-tail keywords that are less competitive and more cost-effective: “romance novels set in Cornwall,” “vintage fashion fiction books,” “single life romance novels.”
  • Utilize automatic targeting for part of the budget to discover additional high-performing keywords.

6. Creative Assets

  • Simplify creative production by using the book cover as the primary image across all ads, accompanied by a compelling, concise ad copy that highlights the book’s main draw.

7. A/B Testing Plan (Simplified)

With a reduced budget, limit A/B testing to one critical element:

  • Test: Ad Copy Efficiency (focus on the book’s romantic and escapist elements vs. its setting and vintage fashion theme).
    • Ad Variation A: Emphasizing the Setting
      • Headline: “Escape to the Cornish Coast with Elizabeth Holland’s Latest Romance”
      • Body: “Nestled in the cobbled streets of Ives-On-Sea, discover a tale of new beginnings and unexpected love. Dive into an escapism romance that will leave you longing for the serene beauty of Cornwall. ‘The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop’ awaits.”
      • Call to Action (CTA): “Start Your Escape Now”
    • Ad Variation B: Highlighting the Vintage Fashion Theme
      • Headline: “Uncover the Magic of Vintage Fashion with ‘The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop'”
      • Body: “Join Rosie in her journey of revival—where each garment tells a story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Immerse yourself in a world where vintage dresses are more than just clothing; they’re memories waiting to be rediscovered.”
      • CTA: “Explore the Collection Today”

8. Performance Monitoring and Optimization

  • Monitor closely for the first few weeks to turn off underperforming ads quickly.
  • Allocate more budget to keywords and ads with the lowest ACoS and highest ROI.

9. Execution Timeline

  • Week 1: Launch with a narrow set of keywords and a single ad format (Sponsored Products).
  • Weeks 2-4: Evaluate performance, pausing the lowest performers and reallocating budget to top performers.
  • Weeks 5-8: Continue to refine and optimize based on performance data.

Budget Allocation Breakdown

  • Sponsored Products: 100% of the budget, focusing entirely on direct conversions and sales.

Key Considerations

  • With a halved budget, it’s crucial to focus on what can directly drive sales within a narrower target audience.
  • Optimize continuously, be ready to pause campaigns that aren’t performing, and reallocate budget to successful keywords and ads.
  • Use Amazon’s built-in analytics tools to monitor ad performance closely, keeping an eye on ACoS and other key metrics to ensure the campaign remains cost-effective.

This lean approach prioritizes direct sales conversions and minimizes expenditure on broader brand awareness efforts, ensuring that every dollar spent is working as hard as possible to sell “The Cornish Vintage Dress Shop.”

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