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Bloggers, Do Your WordPress Buttons Have Jedi Powers?

Learn how to make your buttons entice clicks.

MECLABS Institute found that you can increase response rates by up to 357% if you change your “submit” button text.

No, that is not a typo. Three hundred and fifty-seven percent! That is for one experiment so your results will vary. But think of the potential impact for so little effort!

Why do more prospects click when you change the text?

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Imagine that you are listening to your receptionist take a phone call. You hear her enchant the prospect with her warm, welcoming voice. As she speaks, you listen to her sympathize with the caller’s problems and gently answer every question.

Then, after a few minutes, she offers to set up a consultation for next Tuesday. But you leap out of your chair in horror as she growls,


That is what your “submit” button does.

How do you write button text that your visitors want to click?

If you want your “submit” button to convert, start with a value word. For example, “get”, “receive”, and “discover” suggest a return for clicking the button. Then add the value your prospects get by clicking the button.

However, if it is a payment button make sure that it is clear on the form.

Joshua Lisec, in his ground-breaking course, “The Best Way to Say It,” suggests asking, “What is the one big idea worth sharing?” This is great advice for blogs. But I was surprised to discover that it is also the best way to write buttons.

So, what is the one big idea worth sharing in a “submit” button? The big idea is to get something of value in response.

  • “Get a free consultation.”
  • “Get my incredible e-book.”
  • “Get prompt delivery of my new 5-gallon galvanized steel bucket.”

What happens when the phone company is unable to charge your credit card? They send you a link to update your payment details. So, you click on the link and fill out the form. But imagine the button on the form says, “Get off my back” instead of “Submit.” How many more customers would respond right now instead of waiting for the second or third email?

Only testing will tell. But according to MECLABS experiments, the potential for improvement is huge.

Start boosting your conversion rate now.

Your website is like a front desk that is open 24/7 and gets hundreds of visits per day. Your website does not have to be perfect. Instead, make small improvements at a time. This is like giving your receptionist hints on how to do a better job. So update your buttons to entice more clicks today!

The Best Way to Say It
The Best Way to Say It: How to write anything from blogs to books with epic persuasion

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