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The Copywriting Secret to Better Conversions Now Without Salesy Click-Bait

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Copywriting does not have to be tacky click-bait to sell. But why do you need to hire a copywriter?

Before you read on, here is a free tip that will make more people submit your contact form: Change the button text from “Submit” or “Send” to “Get Answers.” I will explain why that works after a few more sentences.

Why you and your potential customers are speaking a different language.

Copywriting is writing as if you give a s*** — hereinafter “darn” — about your customers. That means writing in language that they understand (Vitale, 2007).

For example, if you do not read Thai, the following does not mean anything to you.


However, a Thai speaker can translate that sentence for you to “I understand your problem.”

Likewise, many businesses make the mistake of writing about themselves. For example, the sentence, “If you are looking for a defense attorney, we have been practicing for 20 years” does not mean you understand my problem.

In fact, it may come across as gibberish. That is because when customers come to you they are focused on their own needs. But when you are writing, you are focusing on yourself.

For example, imagine a customer walks into your shoe store.

“I need help. I have a job interview in 20 minutes and my shoe just broke.”

Which answer is speaking the customers language?

“You’re in luck. I have this pair that goes perfectly with your outfit. It’s the last pair in stock and is only $200.”


“You’re in luck. There is a shoe repair shop across the street. The guy does great work and can get those fixed for a couple of dollars. And it will only take five minutes. Then, come back here when you get the job and we’ll get you fixed up with with shoes you will love that will last.”

That is how copywriting translates text to something that says you give a darn.

The answer to the mystery of how copywriting gets more people clicking your Contact From’s “Send” button.

Similarly, when you change the button text on your contact form to “Get Answers”, you are changing the text to a language your customers understand.

What does “Send” mean to me? It sounds like I am done with this website because I have sent a message somewhere. That may be good for you, but what is in it for me?

On the other hand, “Get Answers” tells me that, when I click the button, I am starting a process. What is more, it is a process that leads to something of value. That process is a no-risk transaction that lets potential customers test whether you give a darn.

That is the beginning of a relationship. And, according to MECLABS Institute, can increase response rates by up to 357%.

For more details on button text, see “Bloggers, Do Your WordPress Buttons Have Jedi Powers?

Copywriting: how to translate your copy text.

How do you translate “If you are looking for a defense attorney, we have been practicing for 20 years” to something that sounds like you give a darn? Let me start with something easier. Which text do you think would sell better?

“If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, our store has been selling them for 20 years.”


“Frustrated dog owners with dingy floors are buying our shockingly powerful vacuum cleaners to humiliate their neighbors with fresh, rejuvenated carpets.”

Of course, if you are an attorney, you do not want to sound like a vacuum cleaner sales representative.

Or do you?

Bryan Wilson — The Texas Law Hawk. Not Affiliated.

However, you still want to show potential clients that you understand their problem. If I am being chased by a bear, I do not care if you have been a hunter for 20 years. I want to know you have a freaking gun.

Show me that you give a darn.

In the same way, if am in jail, I do not care when you got your law license. I want to know you will be there for me when I call. Therefore, you should

  • Understand your customers,
  • Meet them where they are mentally, rather than expecting them to come to you, and
  • Speak their language.

I do not know Attorney Bryan Wilson, but it is a safe bet that his customers are not corporate executives under SEC investigation. You can tell because he is not speaking their language.

If I read your website, could I tell who your customers are?

One way to show a client that you give a darn without being tacky is with a testimonial. For example:

“My son-in-law was terrified when he was arrested because he had never been in trouble with the law before. When I called Attorney Carl, he went to the jail that night and got him settled down.” — Brenda, Austin, Texas.

This is how we have been treating our clients for 20 years.

Yes, many attorneys do use more theatrical sales techniques. The point is you do not have to. But what you want to do is use the language that your customers understand.

In conclusion, you do not hire a copywriting service just to make sales pitches. You want to hire a copywriter to translate your words into benefits that your customers understand and show that you give a darn.

Now, go change the text on your Contact Form button. It will only take five minutes. Then measure the improvement and let me know how it goes.

Take the Contact Form Submission Challenge

Are you ready to take take the challenge and find out how much a tiny change can fire up your conversions?

Find your Contact Form conversion rate percentage and enter it below. Then change your button text to “Get Answers” (or something more appropriate if that does not make sense).

We will remind you to check it again in 30 days and see how your results compare.


Vitale, J. (2007). Hypnotic writing : how to seduce and persuade customers with only your words. John Wiley & Sons. (Affiliate link)

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