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The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course for Overworked Business Owners

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Business owners want their copy to attract customers and sell their products like crazy.

How do you know whether the copy you are buying is any good? Of course, you need to test, but what good is it to test garbage against crap?

Putting together your own system and testing it is the best way to train your brain to understand a complex process. If you build an engine, you will understand its operation much better than if you only study diagrams.

I spent more than 5 years sitting through seminars, reading, and taking courses to come up with a super-short syllabus that will rewire your brain to recognize and write better copy in 1 week. This article teaches you how to quickly assemble and run a simple copywriting engine so that you can efficiently evaluate, diagnose, and write copy that leads your prospects into saying “Yes.”

And here it is:

How to put your copywriting course together.

  1. Start by reading Hypnotic Writing. In it, you will discover tools and techniques to pick the right words to emotionally connect with your readers. Order a paper copy as this is a resource you will want to refer to it often when you write.
  2. Next, start taking “The Best Way to Say It” online course when you finish Chapter 9 of Hypnotic Writing, but don’t stop reading. Joshua Lisec’s “The Best Way to Say It” is the most compact, useful, and effective system for generating content that I have found. Also, it is content independent — like a battery that you can plug in to power any type of writing.
  3. After you finish the course, watch MECLABS Institute’s “Copywriting on Tight Deadlines.” This video teaches a well-tested writing structure that follows your readers’ “sequence of thought” to reach “yes” decisions.
  4. Finally, plug the MECLABS structure into Step 1 of the Best Way to Say It 2-Step Workflow. In this case, your “One Big Idea worth sharing” is your Value Proposition.

This turns “The Best Way to Say It” into a “Best Way to Copywrite It” super-charged copywriting engine.

Level-up with Extra Credit for even better results.

As part of my writing system, I use accessibility tools as an efficient way to check for errors and to ensure that my writing is accessible.

Hearing your words out loud highlights problems with your writing that you may otherwise miss. You can read more about that in “How to Use Accessibility to Easily Level-Up Your Writing.”

Now you are ready to hire a copywriter.

In conclusion, the one thing you want to know when you hire a copywriter (until you can afford Joshua Lisec) is “What is your copywriting system?”

The system does not have to be this one. For example, HubSpot teaches the “Buyer’s Journey” in its marketing course which is similar to MECLABS Institute’s approach.

However, if you assemble your own system from these three tools, you will have a mental foundation for asking questions and making intelligent decisions. And, since you understand the process, you will not be completely at your copywriter’s mercy.

So get started!

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