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Your Essential Professional Networking Mixer Checklist

How to Get the Most Out of the Frisco Business Connections Professional Mixer


Are you new to professional networking mixers or simply looking to improve your skills? You’ve come to the right place. Our goal with this guide is to help you prepare for your first (or next) Frisco Business Connections Professional Mixer and make every minute count.

This guide is designed for those who may not feel comfortable in networking situations or who want to up their game.

Before You Come:

  • Register on Meetup at to stay informed about the professional networking mixer and receive updates.
  • Research the event location, Aloft Frisco (3202 Parkwood Boulevard, Frisco, TX 75034), and plan your transportation accordingly.
  • Prepare your business cards, ensuring you have enough to hand out to potential connections.
  • If desired, create a personalized name tag to bring to the event.


  • Arrive at 5:30 p.m. or a few minutes early to get settled and take advantage of the full event duration. But do not worry if you need to arrive a little later.
  • Bring a business card to put in the drawing bowl for a chance to win a prize.
  • If you didn’t bring your own name tag, be sure to pick one up at the entrance.
  • Purchase any desired drinks at the bar.
Photo of people enjoying themselves at a professional networking mixer.

At the Professional Networking Mixer:

  • Meet one of the organizers, Michael Simmons or Jaden England, near the name tag table. Don’t hesitate to ask for an introduction if you need help getting started.
  • Observe the room and look for groups that seem open and approachable. Ideally, choose a group of 3-5 people who are not engaged in deep conversation.
  • Approach the group confidently, smile, and introduce yourself.
  • Use the Endless Referrals methodology to focus on building genuine connections (Burg 2006). Start the conversation by asking open-ended questions, such as:
    • “What do you enjoy most about your profession?”
    • “What brought you to this networking event?”
    • “How did you get started in your industry?”
    • “What are some current trends or challenges you’re seeing in your field?”
  • Actively listen to others and show genuine interest in their responses. This will encourage them to share more about themselves and help you find common ground.
  • Keep conversations balanced by sharing your own experiences and insights, but avoid dominating the conversation.
  • Exchange business cards with your new connections and make a note of any follow-up actions on the back of their cards.

After the Professional Networking Mixer:

  • Organize your collected business cards and add any relevant notes about the individuals.
  • Connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn or other professional social media platforms.
  • Follow up with a personalized email, mentioning a memorable part of your conversation and expressing interest in keeping in touch or setting up a one-on-one meeting.
  • Look for an email from Michael Simmons containing a scan of all of the business cards deposited for the drawing.

Now, Get Ready:

Armed with these tips and strategies, you’re ready to make the most of your Frisco Business Connections Professional Mixer experience. Remember, networking is all about building relationships and adding value to others.

As you attend more mixers and practice these techniques, your confidence and networking skills will grow. So go ahead, get out there, and make those connections count.

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