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Photo of Newton's Cradle — Immutable Laws of Growth
Photo by Pixabay

Our Immutable Laws

Immutable laws are rules that define who we are and how we operate. Our immutable laws are to values as the laws of thermodynamics are to physics.

  1. Numbers are not people. While numbers give rise to questions and suggest answers, they are not answers in and of themselves. For example, statistics say that half of marriages end in divorce. That does not mean your marriage has a 50% chance of failure. It means your marriage has a great chance of success if you do what the 50% who stayed married do. That is why we talk to your top customers directly rather than sending them forms to fill out.
  2. Give a poop about your customers because they do not give a poop about you. Customers come with a problem that needs solving. People do not buy from us because of why we do what we do. They buy because we care enough to understand them and their problems.
  3. Clarity over political correctness. I once watched a video of a retired pilot trying to explain problems in the Navy’s pilot training program. He hemmed and hawed so much about how he was not anti-woman that he became hard to follow. There was no reason to assume his presentation was biased, but everyone had to suffer through the confusion his fear of offending caused. The vast majority of people want us to get straight to the point. If you get offended, that is on you.
  4. Firm brand is king. Personal brand is Queen. A business that is branded as its owner cannot be survive without its owner. And if all of the value is in the owner, then it cannot be sold. Thus, we stress treating yours business as its own, superior brand.
  5. Your business is your business. We can make suggestions, argue, fight, cajole, and beg you to do what we think is in your best interest. But, it will always be your business and your responsibility. We will never manipulate a client into doing anything. If we cannot see eye-to-eye, we can at least part as friends if it comes to that.