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Get Million Dollar Market Research on a Shoestring Budget

Exponentially Accelerate Your Business's Growth Using Apple's 3 Simple Founding Principles


  • Stop wasting energy on features that don't benefit your top customers
  • Discover what your ideal prospects want that you or your competitors are not delivering
  • Get your customers excited about referring your business

"We will truly understand their needs better than any other company."

— Mike Markkula, Apple Computer (1977)

To understand how to get explosive growth, one of the best resources is Walter Isaacson's 2011 biography of Steve Jobs. One particular under-appreciated nugget is Apple Computer's founding marketing philosophy. It began with three bullet points. They were (paraphrased):

  • We will understand our ideal prospects better than our competitors
  • We will eliminate all unimportant opportunities
  • We will present our products in a creative professional manner (Isaacson 2011).

Get explosive growth using these principles.

Venn diagram of the three tools showing the sweet spot in the middle
Your Winning Seed (Michaelowicz 2014)

Thousands of businesses have seen explosive growth using serial entrepreneur, Mike Michaelowicz's Pumpkin Plan Your Biz strategy based on these principles (Michaelowicz 2014). We are Pumpkin Plan Strategist Certified.

The key to the system is understanding your customers better than anyone else by talking to them.

This course teaches you how to use the Pumpkin Plan Your Biz strategy to:

  • Identify your top customers so you can reproduce them
  • Schedule and conduct client interviews
  • Mine responses for value propositions, product ideas, content marketing, and soft systems development.

Who will benefit.

The people who will benefit the most from this program are:

  • Small business owners
  • Fewer than 50 employees
  • Professional services or B2B
  • Have the ability to reach and and have a conversation with customers.

Some examples:

  • A bookkeeper who wants more high end clients
  • A salon owner looking for more young customers
  • A roofing company who wants potential customers to feel confident hiring them.


What is different about this program.

Position yourself for explosive growth in 2023.

Pre-register with no obligation to buy between now and October 31, 2022 and take the course for $40 (a $140 value). You will receive a syllabus and a link to purchase at the discounted price on November 1.

CPAs especially will want to get started early before year end.

We will not sell your data, sign you up for a newsletter, or spam you. When you click the button you will get a confirmation email and your address will be stored for your discount and course updates.

What is included:

  • Complete Market Research system
  • Client selection worksheet
  • Trello template for managing research projects
  • Sample scripts for scheduling interviews
  • Value proposition worksheet
Value Proposition, PPAG, and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certifications