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Maximize Your Networking Leads

Join a DFW Area Networking Group Focused on Serious Referrals

Looking for a more productive networking experience? Join the DFW group focused on meaningful referrals and connections. Say goodbye to “social club” networking and hello to real business growth.

  • Avoid “Social Club” Business Networking
  • Join the DFW area networking group committed to bringing referrals
  • Establish meaningful business relationships that naturally foster personal connections

You can be a “Spotlight Speaker”

Networking Groups in DFW Frustrate Business Owners With Their Lack of Focus and “Social Club” Mentality.

When networking groups lack focus or clear objectives, they may devolve into social gatherings where members are more interested in socializing than in meaningful business.

With a focus on networking, referrals, and accountability, the North Texas Professional Alliance (NTPA) members are committed to helping each other’s businesses grow and achieve success.

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Dedicated to Growing Member Businesses

As a group, we bring over a dozen referrals per month to help each other grow, expand, and strengthen our businesses.

Professional Business Networking Relationships Icon

Dedicated to Building Relationships

Building business relationships helps to increase visibility, generate new business, and foster long-term growth and success. As a group, we average 25 one-on-ones per month.

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Dedicated to a Culture of Accountability

Gently holding members accountable ensures that the group is productive and that members are getting the most out of their participation.

Achieve Business Success and Growth with NTPA.

Brad Sanders of Triumph Roofing presenting an “Educational Moment.”

The North Texas Professional Alliance (NTPA) is a well-established and dedicated networking group in the DFW area, comprised of business owners and professionals who are committed to helping each other grow and succeed. With a focus on building meaningful business relationships, the NTPA members have a proven track record of delivering 15 total group referrals per month on average, which is a testament to the effectiveness of their networking efforts.

NTPA’s culture of accountability ensures that members are getting the most out of their participation and contributing to the group’s success.

Limited Seats Available: Join Now and Benefit from Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Members and guests can participate in NTPA meetings virtually as if they are sitting at the table.

The North Texas Professional Alliance (NTPA) is a unique and exclusive networking group that offers a highly focused and results-driven approach to business networking. With limited seats available, now is the perfect time to join and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that come with being a member of this elite group.

Our commitment to accountability, relationships, and referrals ensures that our group generates an average of 15 total referrals per month. In addition members have access to over a dozen one-on-ones with other members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your networking leads and grow your business.

Take the First Step to Boost Your Business Growth – Schedule a Meeting with our Networking Expert Today!

NTPA offers a wealth of expertise and resources for business owners looking to maximize their networking leads, including newest member, Jeff Weaver, a seasoned networking expert, as a member and speaker.

Maximize Your Networking Leads When Visiting NTPA

Talk to a Networking Expert, Jeff Weaver and Get 3-5 Actionable Recommendations to Get More Referrals.

Jeff Weaver, CMO of Automated Referral Network and owner of Quick Results Marketing

A few small adjustments can make a big difference in your networking results. Let’s connect and I’ll share my expertise in networking to help you achieve success, whether you decide to join the NTPA or any other group.


How often does NTPA meet?

Except for the first Wednesday of the month, NTPA Meets every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. at the Original Pancake House, 5760 State Highway 121, Ste 125, Plano, TX 75024.

Meetings on the first Wednesday are held virtually via Zoom.

We recommend meeting with Jeff at a convenient time for you before investing your time in a visit.

What are expectations for attendance?

Members are expected to attend 75% of the live meetings in person. The first meeting every month is entirely virtual.

While we are structured and growth-oriented, we maintain a casual and friendly atmosphere. People attend meetings because they enjoy them and get value.

How does NTPA measure success?

We measure attendance, visitor invites, one on ones, referrals, and revenue generated by group referrals.

What are NTPA’s goals?

Our goal is to have 30 people attending each meeting and exceed $1,000,000 in referrals.

We currently average about 12 people per meeting, with a monthly mixer attended by 50-60.

What is the cost of membership and what do I get?

Membership costs $100 per year. You get the opportunity to be the spotlight speaker periodically. We are also an industry-exclusive group, so you will be the only one at our meetings in your industry.

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