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Online Value Proposition Workshop

Wining Value Proposition System Cover
  1. Discover your ideal customers’ deepest wants.

  2. Measure the strength of your value proposition.

  3. Use a system to consistently develop effective landing pages.

Get a system to boost the conversion power of your landing pages.

Photo of Preston Park
Preston Park
Lead Strategist

Businesses struggle to discover what will compel their ideal customers to leap into their sales funnels. It would be wonderful if you could close your eyes and imagine the perfect image of your ideal customer. Then you would know how to write your copy. While that can be a helpful exercise, it is only useful if your subconscious has been collecting the right experience over the years. Some people are lucky enough to have the ideal background to understand their ideal clients. But the rest of us need data.  

Discover your value proposition from your top customers.

The most efficient way for you to grow sales is to convert more of your existing prospects. But many prospects fall out of the pipeline because they do not understand why they should choose one business over its competitors. If a business does not clearly communicate its value proposition, prospects do not know why they should buy from them. During this workshop, you will learn how to get the data you need from your customers to write and clearly communicate your top value proposition. We will use proven techniques from MECLABS Institute and the PPAG program based on the Mike Michalowicz book, The Pumpkin Plan.

Value Proposition, PPAG, and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certifications

By the end of the webinar, you have tools that you can immediately implement, including:

  • A system for discovering what your ideal prospects deeply want.
  • How to measure the strength of your value proposition.
  • How to structure a landing page around a value proposition.
  • An example landing page system that you can begin to use immediately to increase the power of your landing pages.


  • Definition of a value proposition and how it drives prospects through your funnel.
  • Conducting effective customer interviews.
  • Developing a winning value proposition.
  • Writing copy that motivates prospects to act.
  • Practical examples.

Limited space available. Sign up and clear out your calendar early because you do not want to miss this unique opportunity. Please come prepared to participate to get the most value for your time.

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